Delhi Juice Corner

Mausambi Juice

"Sweet Lime juice" (also known as Musambi juice) is rich in vitamin C.It provides cooling effect to the body and relives from stomach problems.It is not an expensive fruit and is easily available all over the world at lower prices. 

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Mango Shake

Mango shake is utterly delicious and a perfect refreshing drink for the hot summer weather .Ingredients:- Mango(ripe), Milk, Sugar, Ice cubes.  For healthy reasons, it is advisable to use low fat milk and less sugar.

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Vegetable Juice

Jam packed with leafy goodness. If you drink enough Vegetable Juice everday your skin will start to turn slightly orange! This is because Vegetable Juice is very high in beta-carotene, an orange-colored antioxidant that gives carrots their color.

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Mix Fruit Juice

A refreshing summer drink option, mixed fruit juice is sure to become a favorite among all. The fruit juices are blended together and served in tall glass topped with cut litchi and chopped cherries.

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DELHI JUICE CORNER (Regd.), The company has established itself as one of the prime suppliers of processed fruit products across the india. With its focus to global presence, processed fruit products, aseptically packaged, the company has linked india’s best fruit hubs to the global industry. The company has also achieved one of its kind, a strong backward combination and a large captive farming, for organic & normal fruits, to ensure year round fruit supplies to its plants and thus, ensure continuous processing while maintaining the quality norms at its best.

Juice from fruits as Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Mango, Guava, such as; Fruits Juices, Pulps, Purees, the company has been serving the industry with a high quality product in the safest material having a-plus physiological and chemical characteristics at globally competitive prices. We buy best quality fruits in India’s North-East and states of Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Kerala.

Having a ‘Culture towards Quality’, the company maintains high degree of hygiene and cleanliness at its all juice corners as well as storage units, to ensure each and every product, coming from its Plants, comply with the best quality and safety regulations. It, thus, acknowledge its customer’s sensitivities and appreciation towards QUALITY and SAFETY.